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SiS Marches into Wireless Market, Eyes On

SiS160 Photo

Taipei, Taiwan, July 3, 2003 - Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), a leading supplier of core logic chipsets, avows to actively develop the wireless chips business. Embracing the concept of wireless computing, the Company will effectively integrate its desktop solution, notebook solution, information appliance and communications product solution to facilitate the wireless environment that will enhance the convenience of work and life.

According to the Gartner Dataquest report, the shipment of notebook computers with built-in wireless capabilities has grown 73% from a year ago. Also, by 2007, over 68% of all notebook computers worldwide will equip wireless capabilities. Coupled with Intel’s strong marketing efforts, the notebook computer is believed to be the first wireless computer product to become ubiquitous. However, current prices of notebooks with built-in wireless capabilities still lack the affordability that consumers are seeking. SiS expressed that with ample chipset R&D experience and the deep understanding of peripheral factors, SiS has the advantage to provide more competitive products to the market.

Take SiS160 as an example. Catering to support wireless functions, the SiS160 chip not only consumes less power, but also provides PCI, MiniPCI and Carbus host interfaces that support both desktop and notebook computers. SiS160 complies with the wireless standard but provides more choices and reasonable pricing options for users. Since the beginning of the year, SiS has been cooperating with several motherboard manufacturers to develop wireless computing packages that are more affordable.

SiS160 primarily supports the most popular 820.11b wireless LAN (WLAN) standard. But the Company has more ambitious goals. Besides 802.11a and 802.11g standards for the near future, the SiS wireless product roadmap plans to develop wireless chips with higher compatibility and more powerful features to meet different needs of various electronic products. In addition to notebook computers, SiS will also extend the development to include related information electronic products, such as Thin-Client, projector gateways, digital video recorders, etc, which will become the main stream of consumer electronics in the future.

"This year, the wireless market will grow to US$3 billion. In the future, a considerable portion of the electronics industry will migrate to wireless specifications. This is an inevitable trend." Michael Chen, SiS President and CEO said, "SiS possesses many R&D advantages and therefore should make good use of them. Our goal is to develop wireless products that help consumers enjoy wireless life with ease and at the same time nurture the growth of our company."