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Well Done! SiS671FX Series Chipsets

Taipei, Aug. 14th, 2007--To embrace the new era of Windows Vista™ operating system, SiS has been spending a lot of time on working closely with Microsoft and partners to develop the most competitive chipsets. The SiS671FX chipset, launched at the beginning of this year, has been widely applied in numerous brands of motherboards, desktop PCs, laptop PCs made by worldwide leading providers. The SiS672FX chipset, following the great success of the SiS671FX, is expected to show off its extreme performance and continually receive the overwhelming response from customers.

For desktop solutions, SiS has the SiS671FX, SiS671, SiS671DX, SiS672FX, and SiS672; for mobile solutions, SiS provides the SiSM671 and SiSM672. All of these chipsets demonstrate significant breakthroughs of SiS’s technology. The SiS671FX and SiS672FX series chipsets, for desktop and mobile PCs, is able to meet different customers’ needs from high-end to entry level applications. The SiS671FX and SiS672FX series, except the SiS671DX, are integrated chipsets with the Mirage™3 and Mirage™3+ graphics engines. Two main strengths of them, which are also customers’ concern, are powerful graphics performance enhancement and outstanding power management.

Smart Choices for Desktop PCs

The SiS671FX, SiS671DX, and SiS672FX chipsets are all compatible with Windows Vista®, and specially designed for Intel platforms. They support Intel® Core™2 Duo processors (FSB 1066/800MHz), and DDR2-667 memory with capacity up to 4GB.

SiS Mirage™3 graphics engine is integrated in the SiS671FX and SiS671 chipsets, and both of which have been certified for Windows Vista™ Basic. On the other hand, SiS Mirage™3+ graphics engine is integrated in the SiS672FX and the SiS672 chipsets, which allows both of these chipsets to be compatible with Windows Vista™ Premium. By supporting Windows Vista™, all of the chipsets enables to support full functions of the operating systems, covering 3D Interface, 3D Animation, Transparency Effect, Desktop Composition, and Aero Glass Effect. SiS Real Video technology, which is provided by Mirage™3 and Mirage™3+, enables chipsets to deliver extremely high quality image . Besides, the SiS671FX and the SiS672FX series chipsets allow one PCI Express x16 slot with up to 4GB/s of transmission bandwidth, which meet user’s need of further upgrading the system.

The SiS671DX chipset is set to aim at gamers who always pursue the most high-end products. The SiS671DX supports Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processors and DDR2-667 memory, which has become the mainstream in the current market, and allows up to 4GB of memory capacity. By flexibly pairing with desktop platform or mobile platform processors, the SiS671DX is able to satisfy all kinds of requests from customers and end-users.

Mainstream Chipsets for Laptop PCs

The mobile platform chipsets, SiSM671 and the SiSM672, also support Intel® Core™ 2 Duo FSB1066MHz processors and DDR2-667 memory with memory size of up to 4GB. The SiS Mirage™3 and Mirage™3+ are integrated in the SiSM671 and the SiSM672 to provide Vertex Shader2.0 and Pixel Shader2.0 technology to deliver high quality 2D and 3D images, and smoothly perform video games or animations.

For the feature of power saving, the SiSM671 and SiSM672 chipsets both equips the SiS's Smart Dynamic Clock Gating power management on the integrated Mirage™3 and Mirage™3+ graphics engines to flexibly adjust the working frequency according to the processing loading of the 2D and 3D controllers, and save 40% power consumption at most. Similarly, SiS968, the southbridge chipset which is paired with SiSM671 and SiSM672 also utilizes the "Advanced Power Management" technology to save power consumption. By temporarily turning off the non-working I/O controllers, such as PCIe, PCI, SATA, IDE, USB2.0, networking, and HD audio, the SiS968 chipset can save power consumption up to 50%.

Where to buy?

All above features are the key reasons enabling world-wide customers’ adoption. Following with the wave of replacement triggered by Windows Vista™, the SiS671 series chipsets have been chosen by many world famous customers.

SiS671FX -- can be found on many latest motherboards, such as Asus P5S-MX SE, PCCHIPS P33G, Gigabyte T671ME, TS671ME and 671MF; besides, Fujitsu, NEC, and Lenovo also have SiS671FX-based desktop PC systems.

SiS671 -- ODM customers include Wistron, ASUS, Gigabyte, Foxconn, and ECS; OEM customers include Acer and Fujitsu. The SiS671 chipset has been applied in the ECS 671T-M and the MSI MS-7317 motherboards. The Acer’s AcerPower S290 and the Aspire SA90, Fujitsu’s FMV-D3240 desktop PCs also adopt the SiS671 chipset. Tsinghua Tongfang just releases the S8360, S8160, T5160, T5150, A300 and A210 desktop PCs, and all of them implement the SiS671 chipset to optimize the performance of the systems.

* The SiS671FX/968 -based NEC L1030 Desktop PC

* The SiS671/968 -based Fujitsu FMV-D3240 Desktop PC

*The SiS671-based AcerPower S290 desktop PC

*The SiS671/968-based Tsinghua Tongfang S8160 & S8360

*The SiS671/968-based Tsinghua Tongfang T5150 & T5160

*The SiS671/968-based Tsinghua Tongfang A300 & A210

SiS671DX -- ASUS has launched F5V series notebooks with built-in SiS671DX chipset

SiSM671 -- Clevo M721S/M720S notebook employ the SiSM671 chipset and has been successfully penetrated in the European and Asian market

*SiSM671-based Clevo M721S Laptop

*SiS671DX-based ASUS F5V series Laptops

In addition to products listed above, in Q3 and Q4 of 2007, more solutions and products based on the SiS671/672 series chipsets will be moved into mass production to provide more ideal choices to all end-users.