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SiS Revolutionizes the Delivery of the Dual-Channel Motherboard

SiS655TX photo

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, Oct. 16, 2003

The SiS655TX employs an extremely flexible dual-channel system architecture that supports all types and capacities of memory modules while retaining full dual-channel functions at a memory bandwidth up to 6.4 GB/s. With the SiS655TX, users have free selection of memory modules to upgrade without limitations in module specifications, a great benifit for both mainstream and power users seeking upgrade and performance enhancements on Intel Pentium 4 platforms.

Advanced HyperStreaming™ Engine technology, delivering even higher overall performance in comparison with HSE technology, supports the SiS655TX to offer the advanced intelligent data processing that maintains the best resource utilization across multiple operating environments. Advanced Stream Forwarding Acceleration technology breaks through the bottleneck of the traditional PC architecture wherein data transfer is limited by the need for synchronized streams. Hence, a significant decrease in time for signal transmission processing and latency is achieved to simultaneously improve both computer performance and efficiency.

Michael Chen, the CEO and President of SiS, stated that: " The specification of flexible utilization and the super performance provided by SiS655TX are highly recognized by global powerful media. The SiS655TX powered with ASHE technology continues to prove SS product excellence. Many PC system manufacturers are implementing the SiS655TX into their products, which demonstrate SiS' leadership in the development and integration of sophisticated technologies and specifications."

SiS655TX has successfully entered the mass production stage, and motherboards adopting the SiS655TX chipset will be available in the market in November.

– Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), a leading supplier of core logic products, today announced the release of the SiS655TX. The SiS655TX conforms to the popular 800 MHz FSB standard and provides superior flexibility for Unique Dual Channel Architecture. The new chipset represents SiS' highest level P4 dual-channel product, and the motherboards equipped SiS655TX are to launch in market in November.