Powerful single chip design for 3D smart TV

SiS691 is a highly integrated SoC designed for Android Smart TV that featuring Open GL ES2.0/1.0 3D graphic engine, 3DStereoscopic display engine supporting 50/60Hz Pattern Retarder type of 3D LCD panels, VP6, WebM VP8 and Multi-View Coding (MVC) video format support as part of SiS Universal Video Decoder (UVD), dual channel DDR3-1333 memory controller, MIPS-based CPU as well as 400MHz audio DSP processor.

With superior hardware accelerators, it makes SiS691 a promising Smart TV platform being capable of supporting full screen 3D games, browsing websites with native HTML5 and WebGL supported, utilizing 3D texture effects in designing user's interface.


 Integrated 32 bit Processor and Floating Point Unit (FPU)

  • MIPS based processor with 64-bit read/write data bus
  • 32KB I-cache/32KB D-cache and 256KB L2 Cache

 Integrated 32 bit Audio DSP Processor

 Integrated DDR3 memory controller

  • Dual Channel with each x16-bit data width.
  • DDR3 memory device: Up to DDR3-1333 and 1.5v device supported.

 Integrated 2D/3D Graphic HW Accelerated Engine

  • Support OpenGL ES 1.1 / 2.0
  • Support 3D Full Screen Game, 3D OSD and Video Texture.

 Universal Video Decoding Engine

 10-bits Full-HD DNVE Video Engine

  • Support 3D Stereoscopic Display Output
  • Full-HD Pattern Retarder 50/60Hz

 Integrated 10/100 Ethernet MAC

 Quad HDMI/DVI Receiver Ports with HDCP Support

  •  HDMI 1.4a 3D Video Format support

 USB Host Controller with PHY Integrated

  • Four USB2 Host ports with LS, FS, and HS mode support.