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SiS Launched SiS9521 3D Media Box Solution at CES2012

Wonderful Experience of 3D Entertainment and Internet TV Convergence

(Jan. 10, 2012) Taipei, Taiwan-Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS) today launched SiS9521- the 3D TV media box solution based on Android platform at CES 2012. SiS9521 SoC integrates dual processors and 3D graphic engine, and supports Skype online communication and DLNA certified devices for a free sharing of digital content. Users can upgrade family TV to internet TV through the SiS9521 media box platform to enjoy 3D entertainment and smart TV experiences in an easy way.

SiS9521 solution integrates OpenGL ES2.0 3D graphic accelerator which supports 3D Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe Air 2.x application with a more dynamic and superior 3D image effect. SiS9521 solution supports Android 2.2 platform and integrates dual core processors and 3D graphic engine. Besides the support of universal video decoding engine, SiS9521 also supports html5 function and WebGL format and users can browse every kind of online videos with browser flexibility. In addition, a thousand of online apps support including game, tool, news, multimedia and lifestyles has been tested compatible and released on SiS website to offer SiS9521 platform users a more plentiful enjoyment with diverse apps application.

With the proliferation of digital content and the spread of innovative consumer networking devices, customers’ demand for the convergence of high definition video streaming and home networking equipments has become more evident. SiS9521 platform can connect the devices like TV, Blu-ray player, smart phone and PC certified by DLNA alliance to provide users a seamless high quality content sharing which has changed the way of home users in life interaction pattern and accelerated the spread of cloud entertainment.

New-generation digital remote control equipped with smart home appliances will be one essential factor to the growth and popularity of smart appliances. The new smart remote control based on the Philips uWand technology along with SiS9521 platform will be firstly demonstrated at CES 2012, to offer consumers a fresh operating experience. The Philips uWand technology delivers the highest robustness for direct pointing with 3D capabilities to bring the most intuitive usage and smooth navigation for the Smart TV application.

The uWand technology in combination with the SiS 3D Media Box Solution can be seen at CES 2012 at the Philips booth (Hall South 1, Stand 21451).